May 20, 2024

At Nihon Kohden Digital Health Solutions we focus on making value added software, hardware, and data driven solutions that complement Nihon Kohden’s leading hardware technologies. Our technology connects the patients’ information to the medical professionals that are caring for them.

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ViTrac™ is designed to securely provide Physicians, Nurses and other medical personnel with a remote display of medical device data from the Nihon Kohden Central Nursing Station (CNS), that includes a wide range of vital signs on multiple patients. The data can be viewed on Mobile devices within the hospital network or remotely, via a VPN connection, on-demand and in near real-time. ViTrac is available on ios, Android, and Windows devices.

  • ViTrac provides an on-demand solution for viewing data on mobile devices within the hospital network or remotely.

  • The ViTrac application provides a robust and easy-to-use user interface which allows view only capabilities of a patients current and historical waveforms, vital signs, stored full disclosure data, arrhythmia history, ST segment history,trend data, hemodynamics data, 12 lead ECG interpretations, and much more.

  • ViTrac uses Nihon Kohden’s Unified Gateway technology that is designed with multi-level security controls that restricts access to patient data based on user, user groups and/or mobile client.

Example Screen

vitrac example image

System Overview
ViTrac System diagram