Apr 13, 2024

At Nihon Kohden Digital Health Solutions we focus on making value added software, hardware, and data driven solutions that complement Nihon Kohden’s leading hardware technologies. Our technology connects the patients’ information to the medical professionals that are caring for them.

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Wireless Gateway Extension Technical Fact Sheet

When combined with a mobile or wear-able vital sign monitor, the Wireless Gateway Extension enables continuous monitoring of mobile patients throughout the entire hospital network. The wireless gateway interfaces with telemetry devices, and spot check and transport monitors.

  • The wireless gateway allows wireless vital sign monitors to run on the hospital wifi.

  • Data synchronization feature captures data even when the telemetry device is offline and “backfill” the data when the device is online again.

  • All data is sent to EMR so that patient charts are complete including during patient transport.

System Overview
  Wireless Gateway Extension System diagram